Steering Committee

The Steering Committee for Uplift LA is charged with establishing programming and creating an annual calendar of events that are relevant for the rising professionals of the Lewiston Auburn metropolitan area. It is comprised of the chairs from each sub-committee, the treasurer for Uplift LA, the current and past chair, and at-large members. We always welcome at-large members to join the Steering Committee and help give a fresh perspective on the direction of the organization.

If you are interested in joining or have questions regarding Uplift LA in general, please contact for more information.

Jodi Redmun

Jodi Redmun

University of Southern Maine’s Lewiston-Auburn College, Chair


Dr. Ashlee Vandiver

L/A Hearing Center, Past Chair

Jen Tucci

Jennifer Tucci

Mechanics Savings Bank, Treasurer

Matt Shaw

Matthew Shaw

Community Credit Union, Why Not? Chair

Connor Beatty

Connor Beatty

Brann & Isaacson, Personal & Professional Development Chair

Rachel Hawksley

Rachel Hawksley

Mechanics Savings Bank, Communications Chair

Alisha Drake

Sabattus Regional Credit Union, Outreach Chair

Jeffrey Geiger

Geiger, At-Large Member